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The Government Purchasing Project (GPP) is dedicated to protecting the environment and human health through market-based strategies. GPP works to encourage the government to use its immense purchasing power to promote safe, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally-sound products.

The government is the largest consumer in the United States, representing 20 percent of the gross national product. This purchasing leverage can be an enormously effective tool which can save taxpayers money, set the standard for private industries, expand the marketplace for "green" technologies, and consequently make these technologies and environmentally preferable products more available to consumers as a whole. For an overview of Government Purchasing, please read our factsheet (pdf file).

GPP currently focuses on promoting wood reduction procurement policies and practices in all levels of government, such as buy-recycled policies, tree-free products and green building design.

If you are in the Washington, DC area, buy chlorine-free, recycled paper at a reduced price through our DC Chlorine Free Buying Club (contact Joyce Schelling (207) 262-5585: For more information see our Chlorine Free page.

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GPP works closely with the Resource Conservation Alliance and is a project of the Center for Study of Responsive Law.